This is your gateway to the helpful online tools of EXP!

EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp. takes great pride in presenting to you several online tools to make your healthcare services experience the best it can be.

For quite a few years now EXP has offered our industry-leading Customer Interactive Data Delivery Portal. Receiving rave reviews from our customers the Data Delivery Portal is known for providing the most comprehensive view, reporting, and coaching to improve the overall returns process and make ongoing adjustments to achieve the maximum credit recovery resulting in bottom-line results.

Here you can see the actual credit memo information as credits are applied to your wholesale account, gain needed information about those credits accrued outside of your wholesaler account and the ability to update your online account with information you receive from those manufacturers who credit directly. This live interactive portion of the portal is unique to EXP and one that allows you to keep all of your return information in one place ensuring your ability to have confidence in the status of the crediting process.

Through EXP‘s best-in-class reporting functions you can ascertain where you have opportunity to improve on the process and your EXP representative can help you achieve just that! Some of these reports comprise the information that is used in creating the EXP Exclusive Business Review.

EXP‘s Online Returns (OLR) feature allows you to inventory your own returns if that is your preference. You can also use OLR to assist with those shipments made between service events. EXP refers to this feature as SmartShip® as its utilization is strictly at the choice of the customer. Data entry through OLR is attained through keying the data or using your scanner for entry. You may also prepare and track your shipment through OLR.

My Perpetual Inventory is an exciting feature that caters to those customers who desire to maintain an ongoing inventory of the items they are preparing for return. This useful tool allows multiple individuals to maintain the online inventory logging who made the entries (dependent on separate logins) and maintains the inventory in an “open” status until such time as it is closed.

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